Justin Hall

Justin Hall is a documentary filmmaker, broadcaster, and journalist.

NYAMILIMA, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO- National Geographic correspondent Justin Hall on assignment in Virunga National Park. (Photo Credit: NG Studios/Tony Gerber)

Justin Hall is an Emmy-nominated documentary filmmaker, broadcaster, and journalist. He is a Fellow of the U.K.’s Royal Geographical Society, specializing in hi-tech digital storytelling technologies. A veteran global reporter, he was one of the first explorers to use technology to champion the rights of tribal peoples, in projects dating back almost 20 years. His passion for environmental, cultural and tribal issues was cultivated through his early work with Academy Award-nominated anthropologist and filmmaker Jean Pierre Dutilleux on the series Tribal Journeys. He has investigated issues as diverse as illegal wildlife trade, deforestation, and piracy—on adventures ranging from helicopter raids on cocaine factories in Bolivia to tracking down arms dealers in Moscow.


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